Oficinas Centrales – Cuadro telefónico: 787-622-9400

Jim Taubenfeld – President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrés García – Chief Financial Officer

Ralph Bejar – Chief Real Estate & Chief Logistics Officer

Juan Valentin – Chief Operating Officer

Janet Diaz Salicrup – Chief Human Resources Officer

Alfredo Mesa – Chief Senior Buyer

Jose Otero – Chief Senior Buyer

Rochelle Nadelson – Chief Senior Buyer

Larry Monge – Director of Marketing

Jorge Figueroa – Director of Information Systems

William Rodriguez – Director of Merchandise Management

María Benitez – Director of Accounting

Sandra Fernández – Director of Inventory Management

Milene Campos – Director of Sales Audit

Jeannette Rivera – Director of Accounts Payable

Samantha Cotto – Director of Merchandise Payable and Imports Coordinator

Madeline Ramos – Director of Enterprise Applications

Ivelisse Meléndez – Director of Store Help Desk

Rafael Díaz – Big Construction Director of Operations Officer

Luis Méndez – Star Warehousing President