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Contenido 1 Sachet con Tinte Permanente en Crema por 60 g e 2.04 oz. 1 Frasco aplicador con Peroxido por 60 ge 2.04 oz. 1 Tratamiento Fijador de Color por 10 ge 0.34 oz. 1 Folleto de instrucciones y 1 Par de guantes.


It may cause allergic reactions. Do sensitivity test before using product. Do not use in pregnant women or children under 16 years old. Do not use on eyebrows or eyelashes. Do not apply on mustache. Do not use this product if you have experienced an allergic or skin reaction from the use ofdyes, if the scalp is irritated or hurt and if it is sensitive or if it has wounds. If you observe an unfavorable reaction (irritation, swelling, redness or rash) during the application, suspend its use immediately and rinse with plenty of water; in case or persistence consult a physician. Avoid contact with eyes, in case it happens, wash immediately with plenty of water. products for perms after applying the hair dye. Do not apply product on hair that has been treated with Henna, hair dyes based on metallic salts, progressive hair color or hair that has been subject to chemical processes for straightening, before three months. Never exceed time exposure. Keep away from children. It may contain the following products to state: Ammonia, Use appropriate gloves to apply this product. Do not use 1-Naphtol, Phenylenediamines, Diaminobenzenes, Diaminotoluenes, p-Toluene diamines, Resorcinol, Salts of Thioglycolic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide.

 Directions: Pour the content of the Beauty Line from Lissia Permanent Hair Color Dye Cream in a plastic bowl and then the Developer Cream. Mix with a brush until the mixture is homogeneous. Apply the mix on dry hair preferably un washed (there is a procedure for each case, identify yours in the preparing and application instructions inside the box), massage every five minutes and leave to act for 25 to 30 min. Rinse with plenty of water and apply Hair Color Fixing Treatment. Leave to act 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse hair again. In case your hair has gray hair, do the permanent hair dye cream mix with the Developer Cream in an appropriate bowl; add the content of the gray hair softener and mix to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Proceed to the application as usual.

Sensitivity test: Do test on inside fold of elbow. Mix a small amount of Beauty Line from Lissia Permanent Hair Dye with a drop of Developer Cream, leave to act, do not touch or wet area for 24 hours. After, check area of application. If there is no unfavorable reaction (irritation, swelling, or redness) you may use Beauty Line from Lissia Permanent Color Hair Dye for sure. The test constitutes a reasonable caution; nevertheless it does not guarantee that an allergic reaction may be produced due to the hair dying process. To bring back the natural pH of color, excellent fixing and duration of color use Hair Color Fixing Treatment. The Beauty Line from Lissia permanent hair dye formula has been developed with mink oil, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein and Silicone that keep colors intense and alive, providing shininess and a nice fragrance to obtain an excellent experience during the dying process.

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