Jim Taubenfeld

President and Chief Executive Officer

Andrés García

Chief Financial Officer

Ralph Bejar

Chief Real Estate & Chief Logistics Officer

Juan Valentin

Chief Operating Officer

Janet Díaz Salicrup

Chief Human Resources Officer

Alfredo Mesa

Chief Senior Buyer

José Otero

Chief Senior Buyer

Rochelle Nadelson

Chief Senior Buyer

Larry Monge

Director of Marketing

Jorge Figueroa

Director of Information Systems

William Rodríguez

Director of Merchandise Management

María Benitez

Director of Accounting

Sandra Fernández

Director of Inventory Management

Milene Campos

Director of Sales Audit

Jeannette Rivera

Director of Accounts Payable

Samantha Cotto

Director of Merchandise Payable and Imports Coordinator

Madeline Ramos

Director of Enterprise Applications

Iveliss Meléndez

Director of Store Help Desk

Rafael Díaz

Big Construction Director of Operations Officer

Luis Méndez

Star Warehousing President

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